October 19 2010 will long be remembered when 20 brave Chaine members looked into the eye of “Beast”. Five courses of first class food were presented by the Chef/Owner of this relatively new establishment. They were accompanied by some wonderful wine pairings. Table favourite included the duck fat poached black cod with braised head cheese that was then breaded and deep fried. Lightly smoked duck foie gras was equally well received. Each course featured Canadian produce including oysters and fish from both coasts. They were elegantly presented with a wonderful and sensitive balance of taste sensations. Bread made on the premises served with creamy butter was a nice treat. And speaking of nice treats; the palette cleanser of cranberry and ginger was a personal favourite. The service was handled with professional skill and the timing of the presentation allowed for inspired conversation at least until the plates had landed; at which time the Beast became very quiet! We all agreed that this was certainly one of the best Chaine events this year and I for one will be sure to return with friends.

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