Beast “whole animal” dinners.  You pick the animal, reserve the date and we prepare a multiple course meal for you and your friends using all of the BEAST.

If you’d like to book a whole animal dinner, please do so by calling the restaurant.  Here are any details that you might need to know.
We allow one animal per table and we can only book one whole animal dinner per night.  You, the client get to choose one of the animals below and we will create a 6-course (5 savoury, 1 dessert) tasting menu using a different part of the animal for each course.  
In order to book, we require 1 full week’s notice and a credit card number to secure the reservation.  The prices below include the food part of the tasting menu.  HST, 18% gratuity and beverages are extra.  
We do offer wine pairings for an additional charge as well.  Please allow 2 1/2 to 3 hours for the dinner.  Upon booking please inform us of any allergies or strong dislikes that your guests may have.
$80 per person- lamb, goat, rabbit, duck, chicken, squab, pig, wild boar.
$100 per person- cow, venison, elk, water buffalo, bison.
We look forward to preparing a customized whole animal dinner experience for you!


For any catering inquires please call us at 647.352.6000 or email us at