Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu

something to start with…

rachelle’s maple-bacon donuts or flavours of the day 2 for 5

fried pickles + ranch 6

buttermilk biscuit + sausage gravy 7

{add pimento cheese} 3

“poutine”, fried gnocchi, gravy of the day, cheese curds 12

brunch time! choice of house potatoes or mixed greens (except with french toast)

ace hill breakfast: your choice of beast bacon, spicy chorizo sausage, pork belly, peameal bacon or

crispy pork hocks served with two eggs any style, toasted challah or multigrain bread

and a cold tallboy of ace hill 15

{without can of ace hill} 11

peameal bacon or smoked fish benedict: poached eggs, tabasco hollandaise, english muffin 16

meat or vegetable scramble: 3 eggs, combo of the day, buttermilk biscuit 13

challah french toast: duck confit, cranberry mostarda, whipped creme fraiche, maple syrup 14

{without duck} 11

huevos rancheros: crispy corn tortillas, mexican-style chorizo, refried black beans, guacamole,

tomato-red chile sauce, sheep’s milk feta, two sunny side up eggs 14

{without chorizo} 11

biscuit sandwiches (choice of house potatoes or mixed greens)

the beastwich: fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, pork sausage gravy, fried egg 15

the chicken club: fried chicken thigh, beast bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce, ranch or blue cheese dressing 14

the breakfast sandwich: peameal bacon, cheddar cheese, thousand island, iceberg lettuce, fried egg 13

the pollo loco: fried chicken thigh, guacamole, ranchero sauce, sheep’s milk feta 15

the bruce leroy: fried chicken thigh, house kimchi, kecap manis, fried egg 13

the buffalo bird: fried chicken thigh, frank’s red hot, iceberg lettuce, ranch or blue cheese dressing 13

the mad maple: fried chicken thigh, beast bacon, ontario maple syrup, fried egg 14


add an egg 1

beast preserve of the day 2

maple syrup, house potatoes or house kimchi 3

pork sausage gravy or pimento cheese 4

challah, multigrain, biscuit or english muffin with preserves + butter 5

beast bacon, pork belly, spicy chorizo, fried chicken thigh, pork hocks or peameal bacon 6


rachelle’s famous sticky toffee pudding 10