Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


small plates

house pickles $4

parker house rolls, garlic butter, parmesan $6

warm marinated olives $6

oysters on the half shell $3ea / $30dz

grilled beets, lime aioli, poblano, sheep’s milk feta $10

brussels sprouts, hummus, spicy tahini, duqqa $10

fried mussels, charred eggplant, herbed labneh $14

cured trout, green curry, grapefruit, taro root $14

”poutine”, fried gnocchi, japanese pork curry, curds, creme fraiche $12

duck breast, ramps, oyster mushrooms, fermented black beans $16

pork hocks, kecap, beast kimchi, roasted peanuts $13

beef cheek, carrot + daikon slaw, pickled jalapeños $14

crispy pigs ears, frisee, brown butter grapes, soft boiled egg $14

bleu benedictin, golden raisins, pecans, sherry, apple $17

chef de cuisine- jason poon

biscuit sandwiches

the beastwich: fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, pork sausage gravy $11

{add egg $2}

the chicken club: fried chicken thigh, beast bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce, ranch or blue cheese dressing $12

the pollo loco: fried chicken thigh, guacamole, ranchero sauce, sheep’s milk feta $13

the bruce leroy: fried chicken thigh, house kimchi, kecap manis $9

{add egg $2}

the buffalo bird: fried chicken thigh, frank’s red hot, iceberg lettuce, ranch or blue cheese dressing $11

the mad maple: fried chicken thigh, beast bacon, ontario maple syrup $10

{add egg $2}

to take home with you

beast men’s and women’s t-shirts, crew neck or v-neck $25

supicucu, diablos fuego hot sauce $12

beast serrano hot sauce $5


sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, crème fraîche 10

brownie, pistachio chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, salted pistachios 10

pastry chef- rachelle cadwell