Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu



house pickles 4

parker house rolls + pimento cheese 6

warm marinated olives 6

green beans and peas, herbed labneh, dukkah 10

fried green tomatoes, hot sauce, blue cheese 10

canadian artisanal cheese plate 17


1/2 dozen oysters on the half shell 12

smoked trout, fermented black bean, uni mayo, radish 14

boquerones, mascarpone, spicy greens, piquillo peppers, biscuit croutons 14

mackerel, orecchiette, grilled zucchini, semi-cured tomatoes, capers 13

grilled squid tostada, avocado, pickled jalapeno, fresh herbs, grapefruit 14


“poutine”, fried gnocchi, pork tourtiere, cheese curds, creme fraiche 12

pork hocks, kecap, beast kimchi, roasted peanuts 13

pork shoulder pastrami, collard greens, pickled green strawberries 16

lamb ribs, tahini-sweet chili, fennel slaw 15

duck breast, tomato-red chili sauce, sheep’s milk feta, pickled red onion 17

chef de cuisine- jason poon


sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, crème fraîche 10

flourless chocolate cake, maple-corn ice cream, caramel corn, blueberry 10

pastry chef- rachelle cadwell